Timber Ridge Baptist Church consists of a local group of people who firmly believe and practice what God has told and taught us through the Bible.  Membership at Timber Ridge Baptist Church has two requirements:

1) Each member must believe that Jesus is their Savior (having died for their sin) and Lord (holding authority, power, and control over their lives). 

2) Each member must have participated in believer’s baptism by immersion, having made the choice to follow Jesus’ command to outwardly and publically express their belief in Jesus’ teachings and His death, burial, and resurrection.

If a person wishes to join our church membership, they should express their desire to our church’s Senior Pastor (leader) or one of our deacons.  They will discuss the person’s beliefs and purpose for joining us in worshiping and serving God at Timber Ridge.  In accordance with our church’s bylaws, new members must be voted on by the members in attendance at one of our services.

The guidelines for membership, the organization of our church, and guidelines for our ministry are detailed in our church’s constitution and bylaws.  A copy may be obtained from our church office.